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    Advanced User Guide to Event Entry and Animal Management

    • Events and Basic Event Entry

    • Event Entry (Batch Entry)

    • Batch Entry

    • Enter Sold/Cull Events

    • Enter Lactations for New Animals

    • Editing Events

    • Deleting Events

    • Add/Update Animal IDs

    • How Does DNB Work in BoviSync?

    • Late Abortion Handling

    • Edit Automatic Pen Move at Dry Off

    • Turn Receiving Pens On/Off

    • Freshening an Animal

    • Move Off Farm and Change Ownership

    • Sold to Finisher or Sold to Dairy - Limited History Copy

    • Sold to Finisher or Sold to Dairy - Full History Copy

    • Deleting Events with an Event Report

    • Change Breed

    • Using Semen Inventory in BoviSync

    • Creating and Renaming Semen Tanks

    • Deduct Semen Inventory for All Breedings Setting

    • Create a New Animal

    • Import Genomic Information into BoviSync

    • Freshen Settings in BoviSync

    • Events Quiz

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